Only Know You’ve Been High When You’re Feeling Low

Yes, I am aware my title is song lyrics but its a pretty good song by passenger if you’re wondering:)

At the minute I’m overthinking everything, as everyone does from time to time… But have you ever thought about someone or something so much it just takes over your life? Like its the only thing you ever think of? I live in a really small area so everyone knows everyone… And this week I’ve seen the bad side of that… You literally can’t talk about anyone even in a nice way without someone making it into something bad and it getting back to the person… And I suppose that’s my problem cause I am nice about people but it always becomes something nasty… I really wish I could just go back 3 months… I’d live it so so differently. I’d still have the person who treated me like a lil sister who I felt closer to than my actual sister… And everything would be the same… I miss that.
Anyway… Listen to some tunes, at the minute I really am loving passenger let her go or dream catch me by Newton Faulkner… Take a wee listen
Til next time



So recently I’ve been feeling a little down… I’ve done some stupid things and although some friends are supportive, the two I care most about have completely left me. They don’t understand why I did what I did and don’t give me the opportunity to explain.
I’m the sort of person who try’s to be nice to everyone. If people treated me like I treated them I never would have been in this situation, but I just feel that I try so hard with everyone and they take it for granted and act like I don’t exist, but I do. Right now, I’m alive… But I feel dead inside. I may as well not be here. No one try’s to listen but, it’s like ‘talk to someone’ but there’s no one there!!
I’ve been thinking the same again this week, but how could I possibly put my family through that?
I did it so people would think about me, so they’d know that I actually existed, so I wasn’t just a worthless nothing… So they’d notice I was gone… But now I just made everyone hate me and stop talking to me.
On the bright side, I’ve became closer to a lot of other people, just not the ones I want.
Hope everyone’s keeping well:)


So my first blog ever and I decide to write it on exams. Probably the most boring topic you can think of, but right now I have 2 weeks of doing at least one 2 hour exam every day. In what world does this make sense? They’re not even proper exams, they’re mocks, which makes it even worse. No one ever cares about your mocks, they’re just added stress for the sake of it. No one really cares, except teachers, who when we go back will just complain that we didn’t do our best, but we’re hardly going to revise flat out for exams that don’t count for anything. Today, I had 3 exams, and to be honest I seemed to be one of the few that didn’t panic straight after that I didn’t know anything. Who cares?! You can’t change it now! Just go home and eat chocolate or something! Don’t make everyone else feel rubbish.

Rant over. Promise they won’t all be like this, just exam stress loving 🙂